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Cottonwood Creek

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Subject: Cottonwood Creek
Date: 02-Jul-08

Update on Cottonwood Creek Daylighting and Walling Creek

TU first envisioned daylighting Cottonwood Creek within Julia Davis Park in the late 1990s and got the idea put into the Boise River Resource Management and Master Plan. By 2002 the concept was made part of the Julia Davis Park Master Plan. In 2003 TU raised $4,000 for an appraisal report by Steve Clayton with a daylighting concept and cost estimate.

In 2006 the City of Boise signed an agreement with Wetland Group LLC to include Cottonwood Creek site as a potential wetland bank mitigation credit project. Wetland Group has not moved on the project site because the construction expense is much higher than other sites due to park infrastructure and other construction costs.

There may now be funds sufficient to pay for the park infrastructure cost component of a Cottonwood Creek daylighting project. Boise Parks and Wetlands Group are interested in Trueblood TU being involved in the project since we were the early champions of the project and we could play a role in volunteer plantings, signage, etc. If the funds manifest TU is being asked if we want to get involved. We can define our role to the degree of our ability to participate and our support for the project.

At Walling Ditch, a project where we started our relationship with Harris Ranch ten years ago, Boise Parks is moving forward on the design phase of the project. There are still many issues to get worked out, but with Boise Parks committed and funds in hand we are likely to see that project move forward in the next year or so. The TU role in this project is undefined at this time and one where we have some discretion over what, if anything, we want to do.

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