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August Board Meeting

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Subject: August Board Meeting
Date: 01-Aug-08

Wednesday Aug. 6 at 6:00 p.m. at Casa Mexico, which is located in Hyde Park on 13th street.

Coming off of State St.; head north on 13 Th, cross Hays, cross Fort and keep proceeding north. Casa Mexico is located between Eastman and Brumback on the west side of 13th. If you remember where the old Lucky 13 was located, on the corner of 13 Th and Eastman, look to the west.

The Casa Mexico is across the street in the basement of a old stone building, 1605 N. 13, Phone #333-8330

Subject: RE: August Board Meeting
Date: 05-Aug-08

Guys, thanks for all the input. We should have plenty to keep us occupied for at least 3-4 hours (just joking, McDonagh).

1. Trout in the classroom. Jake has compiled and distributed for your perusal two items: a project roster and a coordination breakdown. I will bring both of these if anyone needs to look at them.

2. September member meeting: Prange will be gone, so . . .Jeff Barney. . .you’re up. He is looking at getting Reed Burkholder to talk about Salmon/Steelhead recovery.

3. July 12th fish sampling and any additional follow-up: Toalson

4. Gold trout nomination for Trueblood chapter-Chris Jones.

5. TU National meeting in Snowbird UT mid September-Andy

6. State council meeting in Island Park Late September-Piotrowski

7. Chester dam project and a chapter donation for funding-Piotrowski

8. Heron Creek-Brunelle/Chris Jones

9. Bank plantings and flood. Richard O.

10. Volunteers for Grimes/Mores Creek-Kokanee spawn-Pam.

11. other business.

This month’s board meeting will be held at CASA MEXICO in Hyde Park. Casa Mexico is located between Eastman and Brumback on 13th Street in Boise’s North End. There’s a parking lot for the restaurant located on 13th between the Java shop and the old Lucky 13. Use the alley behind Lucky 13 to get to it. Hope to see you all there.

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