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Aug. 23 Dam Party!

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Subject: Aug. 23 Dam Party!
Date: 06-Aug-08

You are invited to a Dam Party!! Saturday, August 23

Feel like getting wet, and enjoying the outdoors for a fun family event?

Trout Unlimited, Sierra Club, and the U.S. Forest Service need your help to make sure Kokanne Salmon and other fish can pass up Mores and Grimes Creeks this summer!

On August 23rd, meet at the Historical Society Building in front of the Botanical Gardens off Warm Springs Ave. at 10:30 a.m. to carpool.

At noon we will gather at the Granite Creek Recreational Center – 3 miles above Idaho City on Highway 21. Our Mission and Routes Revealed Here!

We will split into groups, armed with water toys and smiles! With are hoping to be able to see the bright orange Kokanee Salmon swim thru the small dam breaks we create for them. It is truly a site to see!

A locally catered scrumptious BBQ will follow, at 6:00 pm at the Hayfork Campground – about 10 miles up the road, shady trees and cool creek – reserved just for us!

Camp over night for free, or head back home with full bellies and a feeling of accomplishment!

RSVP to Pam Elkovich so that we have a headcount for the BBQ!!! Please let us know by August 15th! pelkovich@tu.org or 938-1110 ex, 14

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