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Trout Classroom Workshop

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Subject: Trout Classroom Workshop
Date: 11-Sep-08

Get hooked on trout at workshop

- Idaho Statesman

Edition Date: 09/04/08

Science teachers looking for an exciting, hands-on way to engage students in biology, chemistry or ecology may want to become wild about trout.

A Wild about Trout in the Classroom workshop is from 4 to 9 p.m. Sept. 19 and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sept. 20, at the MK Nature Center.

The workshop is designed for classroom teachers who want to raise trout in a classroom aquarium, a program made possible through a partnership between Trout Unlimited and Idaho Fish and Game.

The workshop costs $20, and university credit is available for an additional fee.

For information, call Amy Parrish at Fish and Game at 287-2833.

Subject: RE: Trout Classroom Workshop
Date: 17-Sep-08

Looks like at least ten people are signed up for the workshop!

Subject: RE: Trout Classroom Workshop
Date: 17-Sep-08

Trout in the Classroom Course Outline

Location: Boise MK Nature Center

Dates: September 19 and 30, 2008

Friday Evening

4:00 Sign in, Introduction to Course and Trout in the Classroom Program

4:20 Icebreaker

4:30 Organization of Guide

4:40 Talk: Trout Biology, development, habitat

5:30 Activity: Predict a Hatch Date

5:40 Activity: Dichotomous Key

6:10 Working Dinner: Protective Coloration Activity

6:45 Talk: Tank set up, equipment

7:30 Activity: Fishable Waters

8:30 Assignment guidelines

8:50 Tomorrow overview

9:00 Adjourn


8:00 Activity- Luck of the Draw 9:15 Drive to Hatchery

10:00 Fish Hatchery Tour – get water samples, pick up fish for dissection

10:45 Drive to Classroom

11:30 Water quality

12 Lunch

1:00 Stream Assessment

2:30 Fish Dissection

3:30 Activity: Gyutaku

4:00 Fashion a Fish 5:45 Wrap up and Web of Life

6:00 Adjourn


Fishable Waters

Teacher’s Guide

CD with guide, PowerPoint, and dissection

Cutthroat Trout CD

Fish poster

Water Quality kits

Notes Have teachers bring a T-shirt for gyutaku

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